An European Competition

The European Formula Student competition aims to develop the technical and human skills of the students who take part.


Develop technical skills through a global competition.

The Formula Student or FSAE is a student automotive engineering competition initiated by SAE international (Society of Automotive Engineers). It was created in 1981 and now includes more than 800 teams.
The different teams are judged on the design, manufacture and performance of their single-seater through static and dynamic tests.
The competition allows the students to take advantage of the academic knowledge they have acquired, to apply it to motor sports and thus to develop their knowledge in this field. The Formula Student is a real springboard for its participants towards professional motorsports.


First class single-seater-car.

Each team design his car, inspired from Formula one.

Formula Student prototypes are small single-seaters weighing between 180 and 250 kg. They meet strict homologation criteria in terms of safety, noise, braking distance and other technical criteria. These criteria are eliminatory and scrupulously evaluated by the jury of the event.

The single-seaters have a electric or gasoline powered. With an engine (or E85) of 710cc maximum with a flange at the intake. Most of them are able to go from 0 to 100Km/h in less than 4.5 seconds ! With a world record of 1.513 seconds in the electric category !


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The tests 

Static tests

BUSINESS PLAN: Evaluation of the commercial viability (mass production) of the prototype and costs

ENGINEERING DESIGN: Evaluation of the chosen technical solutions

COST AND MANUFACTURING: Evaluation of the purchase/manufacturing compromise, understanding of the stakes and differences between mass production and unit production

Dynamic tests

AUTOCROSS: Time trial on a circuit of 1.5 km maximum (straight lines, slaloms, hairpins, chicanes, fast turns)

ACCELERATION: Standing start 0 – 75 meters (engine capacity, electronics, motricity)

SKIDPAD: Time trial on a small circuit in 8 (stability and agility)

ENDURANCE AND EFFICIENCY: Endurance race of several laps on an autocross type circuit with a total distance of 20 to 25 km (reliability, speed on long stints, and consumption)


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